Logos are Fun

During my multiple decades of living in a crowded nest, I had many slogans and mottos to entertain my readers or audience. Such as:

  • Never give up, never give out your ATM number.
  • You have the right to eat your own leftovers.

But I never had a logo per se, just the cover design of the book. I used the cover image quite a bit in fun items such as a wall clock that read “Is it time to leave yet?”

So when I started the journey of Crowded vs Empty, I thought it was time to create something simple, yet artistic. And today, I’m revealing the delightful graphic.

I must remind myself this does not mean I need to run out and order t-shirts and coffee mugs with the logo and website address on them, though. Granted, Christmas is coming and it is tempting to make logo printed gifts for the adult children and grandchildren I owe the past 20-something years of adventure. (Both my parents have passed away, but they will always be remembered as the original part of the crowded crew.)

If you get a chance, let me know what you think of the new blog and its design.