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His Kilt Dropped Here

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Though heiress of the haunted Baillie Castle, Rogue’s date book is pathetically empty. Springtime brings attention from not one, but two gorgeous males: A local rugged businessman, Bruce MacKenzie and an educated, slick author, Jonathan Olson, from a writers’ conference renting the castle. Death and disappearances, though, plunge the castle into chaos. Will true love survive in time for the summer solstice?

From IBPA Benjamin Franklin silver award-winning author Kathleen Shaputis comes the much-anticipated sequel to Her Ghost Wears Kilts.

Though the story stands alone, it is Book 2 of the Baillie Castle Trilogy

Her Ghost Wears Kilts

The first book of the Baillie Castle series, Her Ghost Wears Kilts is a fun Rom-Com of magical realism.

“He’s… he’s trying to warn you… ” Baillie pulled her hands from the psychic wiping out the meat-locker cold.

Baillie thought life content, successful in the Pacific Northwest until her bookshop became haunted. Murder, mayhem and maleficent merriment create a perfect tempest for Baillie between her bookstore in Olympia and the highlands of Scotland. Drag queens, divas and ghosts, conjure up a delicious adventure until jealousy and abandonment throw Baillie into the fight of her life.

First in the Baillie Castle Trilogy of romcom and magical realism


Their Witch Wears Plaid

Their Witch Wears Plaid reads as a stand alone book and is the third book of the Baillie Castle Trilogy

A giant-sized Druid, trances and nightmares mess up Nell’s festive end of summer plans. Living in Scotland, a palm reader for Baillie Castle, Nell loses her heart to a professional jouster. But is her shining knight in cahoots with the sinister Druid?

Will the recipe of a magic coin, diva queens and witches be enough to save Nell? Or will evil triumph over love?

Reads as a stand-alone story and is the 3rd book of the Baillie Castle trilogy.

Changes in Attitude

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Romantic Comedy

Workaholic Allie Thompson suddenly finds her biological clock stirring up maternal obsessions in the simmering Southern California heat. Only one thing is missing—the right man. Living in “date drought” conditions, Allie goes cyber shopping for paternal insemination and sets off a hilarious chain of events.  Paperback edition at