It’s All in the Risk

Sometimes you have to shake the tree, in life, and see where the apples fall. I made a bold decision and asked for the rights back from the publisher to my second book of the Baillie Castle trilogy. I have now self-published the tome under a new title and cover design. His Kilt Dropped Here is a fun stand-alone read, as well as Book Two in the trilogy.

It’s not an easy decision, nor one that should be made lightly, but I felt the book needed a fresh look to gain a wider audience. A gamble? Definitely. Yet one I hope reaps in benefits through my readers. The original title was His Lass Wears Tartan – as the publisher thought it best to have the titles similar in style to the first book, Her Ghost Wears Kilts. And the cover layout showed a skipping lass over a field. Neither of these, the title or the image, portrayed the essence of the book, the storyline.

The protagonist, our heroine, Rogue would never skip about in a short tartan. A young woman in her twenties found herself an heiress to not only a Scottish castle, but additional property as well. Though her heart lived more in the stable with her prized Friesians, she worked with her aunt and staff making the castle into a popular bed and breakfast.

His Kilt Dropped Here, a rom-com of magical realism

A short blurb:

“Rogue, an heiress to a Scottish castle, is content in life. No males need apply. Yet a gorgeous local business owner and a handsome outsider barge their way in, competing for her heart. Murder, a psychic and the glitzy Diva Squad make this unasked for love triangle sizzle and explode.”

So, was it a good risk? I believe so. Now as fall begins her beautiful path into cooler days and longer nights, enjoy yourself with a copy of His Kilt Dropped Here and don’t forget to leave a review.