It’s All in the Risk

Sometimes you have to shake the tree, in life, and see where the apples fall. I made a bold decision and asked for the rights back from the publisher to my second book of the Baillie Castle trilogy. I have now self-published the tome under a new title and cover design. His Kilt Dropped Here is a fun stand-alone read, as well as Book Two in the trilogy.

It’s not an easy decision, nor one that should be made lightly, but I felt the book needed a fresh look to gain a wider audience. A gamble? Definitely. Yet one I hope reaps in benefits through my readers. The original title was His Lass Wears Tartan – as the publisher thought it best to have the titles similar in style to the first book, Her Ghost Wears Kilts. And the cover layout showed a skipping lass over a field. Neither of these, the title or the image, portrayed the essence of the book, the storyline.

The protagonist, our heroine, Rogue would never skip about in a short tartan. A young woman in her twenties found herself an heiress to not only a Scottish castle, but additional property as well. Though her heart lived more in the stable with her prized Friesians, she worked with her aunt and staff making the castle into a popular bed and breakfast.

His Kilt Dropped Here, a rom-com of magical realism

A short blurb:

“Rogue, an heiress to a Scottish castle, is content in life. No males need apply. Yet a gorgeous local business owner and a handsome outsider barge their way in, competing for her heart. Murder, a psychic and the glitzy Diva Squad make this unasked for love triangle sizzle and explode.”

So, was it a good risk? I believe so. Now as fall begins her beautiful path into cooler days and longer nights, enjoy yourself with a copy of His Kilt Dropped Here and don’t forget to leave a review.


A Little NetGalley for the Holidays

For a limited time, I’ve signed up through BooksGoSocial to have Their Witch Wears Plaid listed with the NetGalley. I encourage all members who enjoy romantic comedies, magical realism and zany side characters to pick up a copy today.

Net Gallery is a dedicated site to get the word out about upcoming titles and those wanting a new marketing outlet to quality readers. Reviewers, bloggers, journalists, librarians, booksellers, and educators can use NetGalley for free to request, read, and recommend titles before they are published.

And isn’t getting your title in front of reviewers and librarians the nature of promoting? A good review from a prominent reader can sometimes make all the difference in a book’s life on the shelf. Maybe you’d like to become a member of NetGalley or BooksGoSocial: check out their websites.

TWWP coffee

Zany Characters

My first romantic comedy, Changes in Attitude, included a marvelous side kick named Gillian Nation. He worked for the protagonist, Allie, and provided droll humor along the storyline. I saw Gillian as tall, blond and gorgeous – muscular yet slender, intelligent and gay. I fell in love with his wit and demeanor throughout the book.

I liked this character so much, he barged into my next novel Her Ghost Wears Kilts and brought along friends: Rafael and T-Cup. Seriously. Well, an entourage of sorts. Rafael and T are delightful drag queens who captured my heart with their dramatics. Interestingly, in the original manuscript there was a third Musketeer in the entourage named Stormy, she played a Cher impersonator. But the editor felt there were too many side characters and they overshadowed the main female and male leads. Stormy got the ax. (sniffles)

My zany characters add color and energy to the Baillie Castle trilogy. Together they are the Diva Squad, willing to do or sacrifice for their friends. One day they may have their own book where their stars and glitter can shine alone.

Who are your favorite side characters? Think about your favorite book and notice how relevant and important a part those characters play.


Release Day for the eBook edition!


Happy Summer Solstice and with it the additional magical powers of a full moon. The perfect combination for a wedding at Baillie Castle, right? My latest book His Lass Wears Tartan is released today in eBook edition by Crimson Romance. This fun paranormal romance is a sequel to the best-selling, award-winning Her Ghost Wears Kilts in the Scottish Highlands.

Read more about this delightful book and an interview with Kathleen Shaputis at Harlequin Junkie where they are giving away a free ebook of His Lass Wears Tartan.

This exciting new story is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



The Sequel is Coming!

Mark your calendars, my readers, the event is finally happening. The sequel to Her Ghost Wears Kilts with all the same delightful characters will be released in eBook edition on June 20, the summer solstice. I will post pre-order links sometime around Jun9781440599361e 6th.

The title of the sequel is His Lass Wears Tartan and is centered around Rogue and an unexpected love triangle. Here’s a brief summary:

Rogue, an heiress to a Scottish castle, is content in life. No males need apply. Yet a gorgeous local business owner and a handsome outsider barge their way in, competing for her heart. Murder, psychics and the glitzy Diva Squad make this love triangle sizzle and explode.