Logos are Fun

During my multiple decades of living in a crowded nest, I had many slogans and mottos to entertain my readers or audience. Such as:

  • Never give up, never give out your ATM number.
  • You have the right to eat your own leftovers.

But I never had a logo per se, just the cover design of the book. I used the cover image quite a bit in fun items such as a wall clock that read “Is it time to leave yet?”

So when I started the journey of Crowded vs Empty, I thought it was time to create something simple, yet artistic. And today, I’m revealing the delightful graphic.

I must remind myself this does not mean I need to run out and order t-shirts and coffee mugs with the logo and website address on them, though. Granted, Christmas is coming and it is tempting to make logo printed gifts for the adult children and grandchildren I owe the past 20-something years of adventure. (Both my parents have passed away, but they will always be remembered as the original part of the crowded crew.)

If you get a chance, let me know what you think of the new blog and its design.


Announcing a New Blog

We’re nearing the end of 2021, only a few months left to go and, I don’t know about you, but I’ve suddenly had the urge to make all sorts of changes. Energy is shoving itself down my lethargic body and I’ve “climbed back on the horse” of writing again after a very long dry spell.

And with that new found energy, I’ve created a new blog – Crowded vs Empty! In essence it will be a chance to entertain and maybe…, possibly…, hardly likely…, educate about the differences in living in a crowded nest versus living in an empty nest.

Yours truly is the author of The Crowded Nest Syndrome, surviving the return of adult children. And I’ve had a lot of fun with my tales of living with more people in my home than usual. It’s been that way since around 1993, almost thirty years. Well, recently, when I made a comment on a Facebook post that I was now “suffering” an empty nest, a delightful author friend replied, “You need to write a book, as I will be an empty nester some day.”

This new blog is in lieu of writing an actual book. Maybe someday, it will grow up to be its own trade paperback and eBook. But for now I’ll use the blog platform to let you know how I’m navigating the new territory. Stay tuned!

June 12th is Crowded Nest Syndrome Day

awareness day

Are you suffering from CNS or know someone who is? Buy them a copy of The Crowded Nest Syndrome, a wickedly funny look at one woman’s attempt to survive the invasion of adult children. In eBook, paperback and Audio editions. Here are a few tips to tide you over:

3-5 Things Parents Should Never Do

  • Make them comfortable.

Returning adult children thrive on comfort. Do not offer to do their laundry or buy their special brands of shampoo.  Don’t loan them your car, you’ll never gain control again.

  • Install cable or phone service in their room.

If they’re plugged into the world from their old bedroom, they won’t leave.

  • Put an adult child twice your size into time out.

Do you really want a nose print on the wall you’d have to get a ladder to wash off?  When power struggles occur, and they will, boot ‘em out or button up.

  • Leave your spouse alone too long.

Don’t give the spouse a reason to invite them home. Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but a crowded nest will raise your blood pressure to cardiac arrest levels.